Shocktec performance - "hand built in Weymouth"

Lightweight Competition and Track Day suspension

End of 2014 season rebuilds

Regain that sharper handling and vital seconds each lap! Has your car started to feel a bit "loose"? Maybe your dampers need a refresh. Contact us now about shock absorber rebuilds on Shocktec Dampers main line 01305 770099 and ask for Ben

If your existing shocks are rebuildable we can refresh and revalve as you require at very competitive rates

Our factory is open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Shocktec's range of performance suspension units designed for Motorsport, Westfields, Caterhams, Locost Race Cars, Kit cars, Fast road, Track day, Drag racing, Bike and Trike.

Shocktec performance shock absorbers are manufactured by high speed precision CNC machines in our own in house machine shop, where we produce all of the component piece parts for our custom made shock absorbers. With the adaptability and versatility that this offers our dampers range from 10" open up to 32" open with custom applications accommodated for.

"custom made performance shocks, liquid engineering at the turn of a knob"

Hand built performance shock absorbers in WeymouthShocktec performance shock absorbers are manufactured from high tensile alloy with induction hardened chrome piston rods and have a multi point adjustable control knob to adjust bump and rebound settings. All of our shocks are filled with a high viscosity shock oil to alleviate cavitation and help to prevent damping fade.

With all of Shocktec shock absorbers; adjustment to the damping settings can be made on the car. Multi point adjustment facility that alters bump and rebound settings, on a pre set ratio with our single adjustable range. Or independent bump and rebound adjustment with a base bump control and top adjuster for rebound adjustment. Ratios can be pre set to suit customer requirements for various applications at the point of order.

Race Car and Track Day Car Set Up

Not only can Shocktec build lightweight suspension, they can also set up your car for optimum handling. We can measure your existing car for Castor, Camber, Track, Toe, Ride Height, Wheel Base, Roll Centres, Weight Distribution, Cross Weights and corner weights.

After gaining Data we will advise on the best way to get your car working, the adjustments needed to gain precious seconds per lap on the track.